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Booking and Cancellation Policy

All bookings need a deposit to secure your appointment. All deposits are non refundable. For weddings and large group bookings the deposit amount is always different, please message me for more information.

Travel costs depends on location to where I am travelling to. Travel is available for group bookings. I do also travel for single bookings if local. If travel is needed I will determine how far I will travel by how many people are being booked. Please note, if you book a group booking and change the amount of people in the booking, this may result in the appointment being cancelled.

Due to a no show, I am forced to take a deposit for every appointment. If you are a no show previously, and you wish to book another appointment, money will have to be transferred in full before appointment.
It’s very disappointing that people just don’t show, without a txt or call letting me know they are unable to attend appointment.

Most weekends I am booked back to back, which means if your late, it will make a ripple effect and cause all other appointments to run late. If your are 15mins late, you will still be serviced but time may need to be cut shorter.

If you are more then 15mins late, and I do have a client straight after, this may result in your appointment being cancelled. I understand that running late can be out of you control sometimes. But please remember and understand that I’m running a bussiness, I rely on my clients, and the income.

A deposit is needed to secure any appointment. If a deposit can not be made the appointment will not be booked. I am constantly trusting clients to make deposits, for them to either not pay them or for myself chasing them up to pay.
Deposit needs to be paid within 48hrs of making the booking, and receipt for proof of transfer.